Carpet Trends Corpus Christi, TX

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Carpeting is one of the most important investments you’ll make for your home interior. Most homeowners want durable, comfortable and the least visually obtrusive carpet available. While carpet trends will come and go, the best carpet is usually that which will stand the test of time, both in aesthetics and durability.
Neutral Colors are King
Almost without exception, homeowners tend to choose from among the most versatile carpet colors. These are the neutral colors like beige, a medium or light brown, or a soft powder gray. They choose colors like these because they tend to conceal dirt well. Carpet cleaning can be expensive and laborious. Also, active people, people who enjoy working outdoors may find it inconvenient to take their shoes off whenever they come indoors. Neutral colors are best for home resale value. Most home buyers do not like to feel challenged by unusual or vivid carpet colors. Like carpet, most furniture comes in muted and neutral colors and is most likely to be a good match for other muted colors. For this reason, most new home buyers will respond better to a home for sale if the carpet is a neutral color.
Patterns Continue to Please
There’s always a place for patterned carpet. Like neutral colors, patterns hide dirt and stains. Patterns can distract from hard to remove blemishes that would be glaringly obvious on a solid color. The visual stimulation provided by patterned carpet can lead a person’s eye across the room in the same way perspective in a photograph can do. In specially designed decors, this can be a unique feature of a room with patterned carpet if it enhances the feeling of flow. Otherwise, patterned carpet can be well suited to rooms where mental activity is called for, such as a study, office, or game room.

Closed Loop Stitch is a Winning Design
Closed loop carpet became extremely popular in the 90s with the Berber weave taking the lead. Today closed loop carpet is still very popular. This is because of its particular tendency to resist stains and dirt. The relatively tight weave prevents dirt and grime from penetrating the carpet and becoming set in or passing through the carpet flooring to the foundation. Closed loop carpets are easier to clean, and do not show blemishes as readily as do other types of carpeting stitch.

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