C.A.R.P.E.T - Benefits Explained

6 Amazing Adjectives to Describe Carpet:

Cushioned: Carpet’s plush surface provides not only a pleasant feel underfoot, but it also reduces noise by absorbing sound when you walk on it. While carpet is smooth it is not slippery, and its non-slip surface ensures a safer place to walk by preventing accidents and providing a cushioned surface if you do fall.

Affordable: There are many budget-friendly carpet options like ones made from synthetic fibers, but even natural fiber carpets are more economical in substance and installation than most hard surface flooring options. Affordability doesn’t mean lack of options; Alexander's Carpet One Floor & Home has many varieties of color and texture to suit every room and taste.

Reliable: Carpet is built to last. This leads to less replacement for your floors overtime. Carpet is a wonderful option for healthy living, since properly maintained carpet will trap allergens and filter particles out so that they do not re-enter indoor air, which improves air quality.

Premier: New technology in carpet and waterproof and stain resistant Thickness and height of the pile can all be altered based on your preferences. Come visit our showroom today to use our SelectAFloor system and choose the perfect carpet for your lifestyle.

Easy: Wondering how to clean carpet? Carpet is not a hassle to take care of since most types are treated with stain and soil resistant treatments. This allows your floors to look newer, longer!  Carpet is also energy-efficient. Just by existing in a room, carpet is warming and provides insulation during the colder months. This in turn reduces energy costs for you.

Tasteful: Affordability doesn’t mean lack of options; Alexander’s Carpet One Floor & Home has many varieties of color and texture to suit every room and style. Additionally, carpet is installed in such a way as to hide any damages or uneven subflooring that may have been visible previously. Come visit our store to see all of the varieties and patterns we have available!