Whether you are trying to update your current living space or planning to lay down an original surface in a new home, you can achieve the look you desire with the products we have available. Here at Carpet One in Corpus Christi, TX, you will find the best laminate flooring, along with various flooring options.

Some of the advantages of having laminate flooring installed are:
*It is lovely - Discover the color, texture and style you desire to create the sensational look for rooms such as your kitchen and bathrooms. With today’s technology, laminate is constructed to replicate various types of material including, wood, ceramic tiles and stone.      

*It is long-lasting - Environmentally-friendly, this flooring option is comprised of reprocessed wood fibers, bonded together, coupled with a overlay of resin to protect against  underlying moisture, spills, stains, superficial scratches and gouges that might result from the daily routine of kids and pets.          

*It is low-maintenance - There will be no demand on your time in an attempt to clean dirt, grime, pet hair and other debris that might find its way on your floors. Because the surface of our best laminate flooring is allergen-free, warm water and a gentle detergent is the only items necessary to keep it sanitized.    

*It is low-cost - Saving money always makes you feel great! We have access to a large number of flooring merchants, this provide us with huge purchasing power, which lead to passing the savings on our products to you.      

Other flooring options we provide include:

Carpet - When you want to add a cozy feeling to your living room or bedroom, carpeting is wonderful for instantly provide a sense of comfort and luxury. We have soil and stain resistant items coming in an assortment of colors.   

Tile - Need something that is beautiful as well as versatile? Our glazed, water and stain-proof clay tiles are the answer for the areas of the home such as kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces or patios.      

Hardwood - Built to last for years, hardwood flooring is unbeatable for obtaining an elegant appearance for your living and dining room. We carry name brand products as part of our distinguished collection.          

For any inquiries, please, do not hesitate to give us a call.  Drop by to check out our huge selection, we are confident you will find the perfect flooring to fit your needs.