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Engineered Vinyl Plank Flooring in Corpus Christi, TX

Engineered vinyl planks are a hybrid product that pairs the timeless and rich look of hardwood with the technologically advanced and durable vinyl. A subsect of luxury vinyl tile, engineered vinyl planks are made out of vinyl and other strengthening materials that keep it fresh, easy to clean and maintain and suitable for any room.

Engineered vinyl planks are gaining popularity because of their versatility. Versatility is referring to look and function. Let Alexander’s Carpet One in Corpus Christi, TX share with you why engineered vinyl plank flooring may be something to consider in your home!

The Installation

Engineered vinyl planks are installed using the “click and lock” method, which means that the planks are locked together by sliding each piece into place. This installation requires no glue or chemicals and also allows for individualized patterns or different colors of planks to be pieced together! Because the planks fit perfectly, the floor will be seamless, meaning it will keep things like dust, allergens and moisture from reaching the subfloor and allow for easier cleanup of spills.

The Upkeep

Speaking of spills, vinyl planks are easy to maintain. We usually recommend a daily sweeping or vacuuming to wipe away the dust and grit. Mop your floors once a week to keep your floors shiny and bright! Vinyl is a resilient material that will bounce back from the impact of foot traffic and heavy furniture. Because vinyl is moisture-proof, it can be used in bathrooms, kitchens or other rooms that hardwood is not recommended for.

The Look

Similar to hardwood, vinyl planks available in a wide selection that mirror the species and grains found in hardwood. Vinyl floors are made by layering sheets of backing together with realistic film, and they can even be embossed with nicks and grains to feel like wood! Vinyl plank flooring is usually installed in a staggered fashion to complete the look.


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