Flooring Trends

Wood, earthy accents, marble, rustic finishes and everything in between.

Flooring as a whole remains pretty consistent to a large degree. There will always be solid and neutral tones highlighted, and while it won’t be invisible, it won’t exactly be screaming with detail either. Part of the fun is taking the canvas and working off of it with accent furniture, wall patterns and more. But, each year will see new trends in flooring that can highlight anything from material to color to installation method. At Alexander’s Carpet One in Corpus Christi, TX, we want to help keep you informed on flooring trends and be your source of great home design ideas. Here are some of the major trends we’re seeing:

Warm grays featuring earthy undertones

Over the past few years, gray has been growing in popularity. It also seems that this trend is only going to continue. Gray is a great neutral option as it goes well with so many colors. Something new about the grays we are seeing is that they are not just solid gray. Floors such as hardwood, LVT and laminate are all featuring earthy undertones of brown into their gray color. This type of gray wood floor creates a comforting yet versatile base for the rest of the room. 

Bright, light whites

Brightness is something we can always use more of, and brightening up a room can make such a difference to the feel of it. We are starting to see lighter shades of hardwood, marble floor tile, ceramic tile and other stone becoming more popular. Don’t worry about white not staying white, either. We carry some great strong and stain-resistant options, like this beautiful light tile, so you won’t have to worry.

Dark, deep and rich

Interestingly, if you’re not as into light tones, you can go the complete opposite route and still stay on trend. Dark chocolate browns and charcoals are current styles that create a striking look for your room. Adding lighter décor or accents to a darkly floored room can create that elusive sense of balance. 

A distressed finish

A big trend in home décor and flooring is the addition of natural and handcrafted elements, such as eco-friendly bamboo and cork floors, hand scraped hardwood or antique chairs. Distressed finishes can add contrast to an otherwise polished room, and they can add some nostalgia into your modern space. 



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