Hardwood and Humidity

It’s impossible to deny the beauty and elegant appeal of well-maintained hardwood floors. They are a great investment for many homes that can last many years without giving up an ounce of beauty. There is just one real problem wood flooring faces: humidity.

Humidity can cause a world of problems for your hardwood if you don’t plan ahead. Whether it’s too much or too little humidity the damage to your floor can be devastating. That’s why it’s important to take the appropriate precautions to ensure your hardwood floors are built to last.

Choose the Wood Wisely

Some hardwoods are more tolerant of moisture fluctuations than others. It’s as simple as that. Take things into account like the natural moisture in the air around your home on average. People living in high humidity regions like Florida, for instance, can generally choose flooring that is more tolerant of excess moisture while those who live in dryer regions like California’s central valley might need to find woods that are more tolerant of low humidity levels.

Most of the country, though, experiences variances in humidity throughout the year. This means you’ll need to focus your attention on hardwoods that can handle both or find a suitable hardwood alternative.

Invest in Professional Installation

Another important choice is the one to use professional installation for your hardwood floors. This includes acclimating the boards, themselves, to your home prior to installation to help prevent shrinking or swelling once they are installed.

Create an Environment Inside Your Home that is Favorable for Wood Flooring

This includes things like using a humidifier when using a fireplace in the winter, using exhaust fans to draw moisture out of kitchens and bathrooms, and practicing routine maintenance on your hardwood to keep the wood in excellent condition throughout the year.

Little things can make a huge difference by extending the life and beauty of your wood flooring choices. These simple steps can help you enjoy your beautiful hardwood floors for many years to come.