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Laminate Flooring in Corpus Christi, TX

Learn everything you wanted to know and never knew about laminate flooring!

Although laminate is a manmade, or engineered, flooring type, laminate possesses many similar qualities to natural flooring. This is because at the core of laminate there is a layer of recycled wood fibers, making laminate hardwood’s cousin, if you will. Laminate’s top layer is comprised of a high definition photograph that can be anything from wood to stone to tile to even sand.

Because of this laminate not only performs similarly to hardwood, it is also eco-friendly since those discarded wood fibers are being put to use and getting recycled. While laminate wood flooring includes layers of durable and protective resins, it reacts similarly to wood in high moisture areas. Laminate is strong and scratch resistant which means it is a great option if you have pets or kids. It will even withstand your high heels!

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