Relax, it's... Lees

Treat yourself with premium carpet and worry-free living for years!

Carpet One

Alexander’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Corpus Christi, TX introduces yet again, a name brand, exclusive product- Relax, It’s… Lees. If you’re looking for flooring or carpet, Lees is a hallmark brand that you will not regret purchasing for your home or office.
As part of our floor-a-phobia promotion, we are offering 10-50% off storewide products during our Lees Flooraphobia Sale going on beginning March 2nd through April 10th.
Why Lees?
Ask yourself how long you want your carpet to last- forever, right? Lees has been around since 1846, developing ideal flooring options. That’s why our signature brand offers customers features and benefits that you just can’t pass up. It offers that softness and comfort you’re looking for in flooring, while providing nothing less than top-notch performance. Lees’ style is unbeatable providing their palette full of casual color options to fit any home.

• Special Ever-Tex technology offers stain protection like no other company or product without using any topical treatment
• Ever-Tex flexible yarn that prevents stain penetration while still providing a soft cushion beneath your feet
• Extra-Loc Backing that provides 4x the density than any other carpet product on the market making it 4x more resilient to accident prone and high traffic areas.

Longevity Benefits:
Amidst Lees’ beauty and comforting characteristics, it is also backed by our 25 year ‘No Exclusions’ Ultra25 Stain Warranty that covers all accidents including coffee, juice, bleach, pet stains, soil, grease, and more that includes both staircases and hallways for those high-traffic areas. What Alexander’s Carpet is really offering our customers, is piece of mind and a worry-free option. Our goal is to help you make the right flooring investment so it lasts! You can feel good about your flooring or carpet.


With its impressive strength and durability, there’s no doubt this product will last. If you’re not planning on sticking in your same house for 25 years, or even five- this warranty is transferrable to the new homeowner which makes this a huge selling point!

We are offering this brand at an exceptional value and we have 18 month financing available.

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