LVT Flooring Corpus Christi, TX

Invincible LVT

LVT, or luxury vinyl tile and plank, is a versatile option for flooring that looks great in any room and is easy to maintain. Vinyl tiles and planks are fabricated to look like natural flooring materials such as tile, stone as hardwood. Vinyl planks are affordable yet valuable since they go so well in so many places. While at Alexander’s Carpet One in Corpus Christi, TX, we are into all types of vinyl flooring, we are really into a line we carry called Invincible. We have a feeling you can guess why we like it from the name.

Carpet One Floor & Home’s line of Invincible LVT is a premier collection featuring designs that appeal to the modern lifestyle. Invincible LVT is in a category of its own, and the planks are easy to clean, resilient and impactful. Their vinyl makeup makes them protective, while their look is so resemblant of the advanced flooring technologies used to manufacture their beautiful look.

Invincible LVT planks include a super tough waterproof layer that keeps the bacteria and moisture from penetrating into the floor. The planks also feature built-in support which makes them flexible and bouncy as you walk over them. The planks are also backed with fiberglass to ensure an even surface, free of gaps or buckling.

For more inspiration and product information, take a look at our Invincible collection..