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Alexander's Carpet One Floor & Home in Corpus Christi, TX has quite an extensive hard surface flooring selection. We aim to provide our customer's the very best variety with top-notch quality all at an affordable value. Learn about a few tips and tricks as well as product specific brands we carry!

Wood Flooring

If you're interested in wood flooring and considering it as an option, it's important to know what category of wood flooring will fit your style and environmental needs when it comes to residential or commercial spaces. Shop Hardwood

Solid Hardwood Flooring - While solid hardwood flooring provides a timeless effect and is considered more of a traditional floor, there are a variety of styles, species, and plank width to consider. 

Engineered Wood Flooring - Engineered flooring is still hardwood but the difference is that this floor is made differently. It is engineered to have layers which enable the product to better adapt to moisture. This product is, in some cases, more versatile than solid hardwood.

Bamboo - Bamboo is not just an alternative flooring to hardwood, it's a great option! Bamboo is a hard, wood-like grass so it's durability is comparable to some species of solid wood. It's fast growing qualities makes it environmentally friendly but it's appearance is most appealing!

Cork Flooring - What is cork flooring? It is a unique product featuring an entirely different take on modern resilience but has longevity when it comes to product lifespan.

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Hardwood Floors

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Laminate flooring provides not only versatility in style but duals in functionality and is one of the most affordable flooring options out there. It is made to resemble the natural look of hardwood or stone yet has characteristics making it water resistant plus is virtually stain, fade, and scratch proof. The results? Longevity! Shop Laminate

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Laminate Flooring


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