How to Remove Hair from Carpet

Carpet cleaning can be a challenge, especially when you have one or more furry pets running about the home.  Frequent vacuuming is helpful, of course, but “deep down” cleanings -- done every six months or so -- will keep your carpet fresh while holding allergens at bay. Cat and dog hair can become deeply matted in rugs and carpeting, so the more often you clean, the better you’ll be in the long run. When fur is thickly embedded into carpet fibers, even the toughest vacuum cleaners can have difficulty removing it completely.  In general, the art of cleaning carpet is best done by professionals who know how to remove various stains and pet urine.  But vacuuming and sweeping every few days will help keep your home fur-free. 

Simple Pet Hair Removal

For deep carpet cleaning, vacuum the area and then try:  

  • Damp sponge mop.  Rake with a lightly-misted sponge over areas of the carpet that your pets seem to enjoy most.  The process helps bring deeply-embedded cat and dog fur to the surface; you can pick up the wet masses by hand. This method works best on low-pile carpet.
  • Hose attachments.  Your vacuum’s attachments may include a serrated piece to help “scrape” fur from the thick fibers of the carpet mat.
  • Baking Soda.   Strew baking soda into the carpet and then vacuum it up.  The powder will attract pet hair and emit a fresh scent into the room.
  • Liquid fabric softener.  Mix the softener with water (in a spray bottle). Apply the solution to overly-furry areas and let it dry.   Vacuum as usual.
  • Pet brush.  Similar to your vacuum’s hose attachment, a strong pet brush (with thick bristles) or flea comb can bring fur to the surface of carpets.  Remember to brush your pet with it too!  Cats and dogs that are brushed frequently will shed less (and they’ll love you for it!) Velcro hair curlers also work for this method.    

When removing pet hair by hand, wear slightly-moistened rubber or latex gloves to entire fur by magnetic attraction. 

Cleaning carpet with specialized vacuums geared for pet hair removal may work well enough for day-to-day maintenance. There are many vacuum systems on the market proclaiming to be the best for removing pet hair; determine your home’s needs before making a purchase.

Professional carpet cleaning is the best plan for removing stains, ground-in dirt and fur from the mats; the process improves flooring durability.