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Tile in Corpus Christi, TX

Field Tiles

These are the tiles we all know; the ones you find most commonly covering a wall, countertop or floor. These tiles are usually uniform in shape and size. Field tiles are flat and do not piece together; they require special installation with grout and seaming to arrange them in a perfect pattern! While field tiles are usually square, they are available in other types such as rectangles, octagons or hexagons.

Mosaic Tiles

Think about glass mosaics in windows or on walls and just apply them to the floor and you have mosaic tile! Mosaic tiles are most commonly made from ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone and even pebbles. They can be found in shapes such as round or hexagonal. Mosaic tile is often combined with different colors to create a beautiful pattern.

Borders and Decorations

Decorations are half the fun of a new tile purchase and are very customizable. They are often even hand-painted or embossed to really give that signature look to your tile design! Once you’ve chosen your materials, tile installation often needs perfectly straight finishes and that’s where trim tiles come in. Trim tiles are made to cut the raw edges and make for a symmetrical design.

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