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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Vinyl flooring is a stylish and practical option for many homes and many rooms. Vinyl is a versatile option in look, feel and function. Vinyl is made from materials that give it a pleasant and soft feel underfoot while also making it flexible and strong. Vinyl is a low-maintenance option as it is sealed on the top, leaving no place for unwanted particles to seep through. Its high wear layer also ensures that it will last long and remain in good condition. Cleaning vinyl is easy, as well. A regimen will mostly include sweeping daily and mopping occasionally.

Wondering where vinyl can be installed? The answer is anywhere! Vinyl can even be installed on below grade flooring, or the basement. Vinyl is resilient yet cushioned which makes it a great option for any room from the bathroom to the kitchen or even a bedroom. When it comes to choosing a type of vinyl for your home, there are a few different options.

Feltback Vinyl

Feltback vinyl, also called sheet vinyl, is installed in one whole piece. This means there are absolutely no seams in the flooring and moisture or other dust cannot penetrate through. Sheet vinyl is simple and easy.

Glassback Vinyl

Glassback vinyl is a newer option that uses a fiberglass backing instead of traditional felt backing. Because of the backing, glassback is more flexible. It also does not stain or scratch as much as other flooring can. We offer glassback in many beautiful patterns and shades.


LVT flooring, or luxury vinyl tile, is an innovative way to showcase the natural looks you love but still remain practical. We offer LVT in vinyl wood flooring (planks) and vinyl tile flooring (tiles). These luxury vinyl flooring options are manufactured to look like hardwood, ceramic tile or stone flooring. LVT is waterproof, low-maintenance and more affordable.

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