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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet flooring is one of the most popular choices available because of its versatility, softness and benefits like acting as a natural insulator and handling heavy foot traffic. However, carpet is one of the floors most likely to trap soil, attract dust and stain. Therefore, it is important to stay on top of carpet cleaning. While carpet cleaning will involve the occasional deep cleaning and professional service, most carpet care is simple as long as you keep up with it. At Alexanders Carpet One in Corpus Christi, we have the best tricks for how to clean carpet and keep it looking like new.



How to Clean Carpet

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There are two major categories of things that can dirty your carpet: wet and dry.


If something wet like juice, soda, pet urine or more is spilled on your carpet, you need to attend to these immediately. Although stain resistant carpets are now increasing in popularity and widely available, they are not a solution to your floor being stain-proof. We have a list of the most common stain-causing household items and how to prevent them from staining here.


Dry often refers to soil, dust or other allergens that get trapped in your carpet’s fibers. Just like new stain-resistant carpets, there are many carpets available now with hypoallergenic backing or soil-resistant treatments that do help. But, frequent vacuuming will always be the tried and true method to loosen the soil and get it out of the carpet before it gets worked into the pile. The best type of vacuum will have a rotating brush, but make sure to consult your carpet manufacturer’s warranty for types of vacuums and cleaners covered. Vacuuming can remove 80% of soil in carpet which is especially important for those high traffic areas. 


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