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Carpet in Corpus Christi, TX

Is your home or office lacking in warmth and comfort? Carpeting is cozy, inviting, and adds insulation to your space. Alexander’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Corpus Christi, TX, has the area's best selections of quality carpeting, and we also provide carpet installation services.


Our vast inventory of carpeting includes everything from designer carpets for master bedrooms to office carpets for commercial spaces. Our local experts can help you shop through your new carpet options to find the best choice for your home. We offer the best carpet brands and carpet deals in the area.




What Are The Types of Carpet Fibers?



A Word on Carpeting Textures

Carpet texture is the way the fibers attach to the backing. It is important because it can change the way a carpet performs over time, and it can also determine the best areas for a specific carpet type.

With so many carpeting options out there, how do you choose? We have a tool that details all the factors that go into choosing the right floor from color to style to budget and more. It’s called the SelectAFloor System and it takes the guesswork out of the shopping experience. This tool is a key differentiator that makes Carpet One stand out, and you won’t want to miss out.


The SelectAFloor System works by breaking down our products into distinct categories by lifestyle. From there you can find one that matches your taste and then go on to choose texture, carpet colors, patterned carpet, and warranty level. It’s color coded so you can follow a path using your color! Using SelectAFloor will help you narrow down your options and find the one you like best.




Installing Your Carpeting

Carpeting is appropriate to install virtually anywhere in your home except moisture-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Stain-resistant and pet-proof carpets are ideal for high-traffic spaces like living rooms, playrooms, bedrooms, and hallways. Low-pile products are the best carpets for stairs as they’re less prone to wear. We also have carpet colors perfect for hiding pet fur and blemishes between cleanings.


We also offer carpet tiles, which are ideal for commercial spaces because each tile can easily be replaced when it becomes worn out. You’ll also find soft, bedroom carpets and custom carpet options for unique floor spaces.




Consider a Carpet Remnant

A carpet remnant is a leftover piece of carpet from a previous project. The remnant can vary in size, shape, color, design, pattern, price, and type of carpet. Our selection of carpet remnants is not damaged in any way. Instead, these leftover pieces of carpet are perfect for small areas or projects where you need to cut up carpet pieces to fit your needs.


What can a carpet remnant be used for? A couple of things that come to mind are:

No matter what project you decide to use carpet remnants for, we can help When it comes to our selection of carpet remnants, it changes all the time. The best way to see what we have is to stop by our showroom, where our local sales pros can show you what we have.



Explore Our Carpeting

Looking for carpeting stores near you? We’re proud to be your local flooring store, with an in-stock selection of the best carpeting on the market and custom area rugs. We even have carpeting for your stairs.

Visit today to see our carpet samples and talk with our experts for advice on maintaining your new carpet flooring. You’ll love our competitive product warranties. Plan a visit to our Corpus Christi, Texas showroom soon to see the latest offerings.




Learn More About Carpet

Caring for Carpet

Caring for Carpet

If maintained properly, your new carpet will look stylish for a long time. Let our experts teach you about carpet care.